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Raising a Revolutionary

Live performances in July and August 2021 in Savannah, Georgia

Poster DHM summer 2021.jpg

Tuesday July 6, 13, 20, 27 &

August 3, 10, 17, 24 2021 @ 6.30 pm

324 E. State St. in Savannah

Each program will run from 6:30 - 8 p.m. and tickets are $40 per person. Tickets are available online at, by phone order by calling 912-236-8097, in the Davenport House Gift Shop, or at the door until seats sell out.

The show will be combined with a lecture on Alexander Hamilton by Jimmy Napoli.

With a criminal record and a vengeful

ex-husband, Rachael Faucett attempts to keep food on the table and prepare her son - Alexander Hamilton - for the harsh realities of the 18th century Danish West Indies.

Written and performed by Eva Dorrepaal.

Costume: Wasima Hussain

Directed by Francisco Cardozo

Almost Mata Hari - Lovers, Letters and Killers


Written and Performed by Eva Dorrepaal.

As an actress explores the character of Mata Hari, she discovers that she and her subject share an attraction to dangerous love.

"Dorrepaal brings to life two women so exquisitely individuated that the memory of this magnetic, one-woman play lingers as though performed by a diverse, brilliant cast."
-Lisa Reitman-Dobi, Theater Pizzazz - New York

"Dorrepaal brings to light the dangerous nature of love. She is a masterful performer. And funny too."
-Nicole Colbert, OffOffOnline - New York

Toshiba: "All right, I'll allow you one shot. However, if you misfire I'll have to do it myself as there are only two bullets remaining and I can only take so many chances."


Director/writer: Peter Welch

Role: Toshiba



The play Toshiba is best described as an existentialist theater noir that examines loyalty and a woman's place at the top of the male-dominated world of underworld business.  

Johnson theater,

Theater for the New City, NYC

Mata Hari 

Director: Susan Batson

Written and performed by Eva Dorrepaal.

File Jan 02, 11 36 59 PM.jpeg

Pic by Hal Weiner

10 minute excerpt 

Mata Hari was notoriously known for revealing her body in "exotic dances" and having countless affairs with influential men on both sides of WWI's front lines. Trapped in a spiderweb of men, she is accused of counter espionage in Paris. Sentenced to death by firing squad in October 1917, she refused to wear the blindfold. Is it true that she was a dangerous woman hurting France? She fought for her innocence until the last minute.


Susan Batson Studio and Theater for the New City, NYC. 

Two by Tavel, Kitchenette

Director: Norman Glick                 Role: Jo

Genre: Theater of the Ridiculous

Kitchenette was written for Andy Warhal by Ronald Tavel.

Mikie frets over a litter basket while Jo applies her makeup. When they’re joined by a similarly named street hustler and blond bombshell, psychosexual ridiculousness ensues — occasionally at the instruction of a filmmaker who inserts himself into the kitchen sink drama.

"These plays are totally ridiculous"

- The Villager

The Owl and The Pussycat

eva_actress (15).jpg

The Beast of Belgium

Director: Guido de Craene

Writer: Bill Manhuff

Role: Doris

NY Comedy Club

In a San Francisco loft, aspiring author Felix focuses his binoculars on a prostitute plying her trade. He complains to the landlord, has her evicted, and finds trouble pounding on his door in the form of Doris, not a prostitute, but an aspiring “model and actress, thank you very much.” She figures he owes her a bed for the night, an arrangement that leads to hilarity. 

eva_actress (9).jpg

Director: Ljubiša Ristić 

Role: Paucina (Pease-Blossom)

Comedy written by William Shakespeare

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 5.20.57 PM.png

San Letnje Noći

A Midsummer Night's Dream 

KPGT Theater, Yugoslavia 1995

Seascape with Sharks and Dancer

Director: Guido de Craene

Role: Tracy

The story focuses on a young man, Ben, who saves a young woman named Tracy from the ocean outside his beach house. The struggle between his more tolerant approach to life and her fear of human relationships becomes the main conflict in the play.

" Dorrepaal, with a long mane of blonde hair and mischievous eyes, portrays the eccentric Tracy with the simmering pyrotechnics of a woman on the edge. In a moment, she can go from playfully alluring to brutally dismissive, struggling to control her anger and her need to love with an equal amount of perplexed misguidance. "

Long Island Entertainment - May 2001


Director: Ljubiša Ristić

Role: Saylor


"The Poet", based on the widely told story of a subversive poet who wins his freedom by writing a poem in praise of Tito but cannot live with the shame,

Writer: Danilo Kiš

BITEF Festival

Pesnik Na Brodu Galeb

Pesnik Na Brodu Galeb.png

Proljeća Ivana Galeba 

(Springs of Ivan Galeb)

Director: Ljubiša Ristić

Role: Terpsihora

Based on the novel of Vladan Desnica.

Proljeca Ivana Galeba.png

Tour through Serbia and Kosovo, 1995 -1996

More Theater Productions:

KPGT Theater, Belgrade, Yugoslavia (director: Ljubiša Ristić)

The Tempest - Ariel

Gospođica - Aerobics Teacher

De Paardenkathedraal, the Netherlands

A Day at the Beach - Go Go Nurse (director: Dirk Tanghe)

Beast of Belgium:

Seascape with Sharks and Dancer - Tracy (director: Guido de Craene)

Les Flamands, Belgium

Protocol - Helena (director: Guido de Craene)


Y Not - Susan Stitch (Director: Richard Mc Donald)


Rotterdams Centrum voor Theater, The Netherlands:

Madame de Sade - Madame de Sade

The Cherry Orchard  - Natasha (director: Paul Röttger)

Anja en Esther - Esther (director: Martin Groenendijk)

Rotterdamse Schouwburg:

Jubilarissen - Jubilaris (director: Erik-Ward Geerlings)

Kaaitheater, Brussels
Station 2 - Performer (director: Thomas Lehmen)

Theater for the New City, New York City

The Red and Black Mask - Black Mask (director: Crystal Field)

Carmen (Opera) - Manuelita - Theater Zuidplein (director: Jan Bouws)

Beginnings: "I'm not jealous!" - Producers Club (director: Boris Leskin)

De Illusie, the Netherlands (director: Martin Meijer)

Huis Clos - Estelle

Bedroom Farce - Susannah

Your Husband - Uw Echtgenoot - Eddy Geerlings, De onderneming/ Het Circuit: Prize 

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