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Eva Dorrepaal

Actor | Playwright



Directed by Onur Tukel


Make Believe Festival in Seattle

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All Videos

"Dorrepaal, with a long mane of blonde hair and mischievous eyes, portrays the eccentric Tracy with the simmering pyrotechnics of a woman on the edge. in a moment, she can go from playfully alluring to brutally dismissive, struggling to control her anger and her need to love with an equal amount of perplexed misguidance."   

- Long Island Entertainment

"Dorrepaal is an intriguing actress. . . . under the guide of a less gifted actress, this triadic approach could have been confusing, but Dorrepaal is a masterful performer. And funny too."

Nicole Colbert - Offoffonline - New York

"Dorrepaal brings to life two women so exquisitely individuated that the memory of this magnetic, one-woman play lingers as though performed by a diverse, brilliant cast. Dorrepaal's wit and timing strike the ideal balance with lightness and laughter."

Lisa Reitman - Dobi - Theaterpizzazz - New York

". . . very deliberate performance of  Eva Dorrepaal.  In every scene that she appears the actress inexorably attracts the viewer's eye and never gives the impression of playing a role."

Eric Perreti - Sueurs Froides - France

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