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    September 2010

    Jonathan Caouette's Montreal-produced All Flowers in Time at the New York Film Festival...

    Director: Jonathan Caouette
    North American premiere at the New York Film Festival

    Thursday, September 30 · 6:00pm, before Oki's Movie

    Starring Chloë Sevigny, ALL FLOWERS IN TIME is a dark and quirky short film that plunges the audience into a mysterious universe. A malevolent signal emitted by a Dutch television program (Eva Dorrepaal) bewitches viewers and possesses young girls and boys making them believe that they can morph into other people and monsters.

    ALL FLOWERS IN TIME (13 min) has recently won the Grand Prix Canal+ for Best Short Film at the Paris L’Étrange Festival and will continue to be presented in festivals around the world. ALL FLOWERS IN TIME will be presented in Official Selection at the London Film Festival, the SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia and the Montreal Festival du Nouveau Cinema.
    It already screened at the Atlantic Film Festival in Nova Scotia and at the Cannes Film Festival 2010.

    September 2010

    Revision – Apocalypse II, the latest film from Edwin Brienen, enjoys its world premiere during the 30th edition of the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht, Friday, September 24th.

    The film, starring Eva Dorrepaal, Clayton Nemrow and Jacob Dove Basker, is set in a futuristic world where terrorist attacks rule daily life, forced chip implantation is commonplace and government control is routinely exerted through manipulation of the media.

    Revision Official Poster

    Revision - Apocalypse II will have its official premiere on Friday, Sepember 24th at 20.00 hrs with Edwin Brienen and Eva Dorrepaal in attendance (Movies 1 in Utrecht). A second screening will take place on September 27th at 22.15 hrs. For reservations and a full program, please visit:

    July 2010

    The Trailer of Pre-Paradise is now online: http://www.vimeo.com/36886145
    Directed by Jorge Torres -Torres.
    Eva plays an actress who gallops away from the set because it's really "minimal" and the director is obviously crazy.
    Pre-Paradise screens on July 8th in Flicker Theatre, Athens, Georgia and on July 11th at Avenue B. Avenue B is an open air screening in Lafayette, Louisiana. In September Pre-Paradise will screen at the Portobello Film Festival in London.

    July 2010

    An essay Eva wrote appeared in The Soul of the American Actor, www.soulamericanactor.com
    Check it out!  It's called Living With The Phantom Of The Role - It is a story how to recover from playing a character...

    12 - 23 May 2010
    Coup de coeur

    All Flowers In Time
    Experimental, Fantastic, Thriller - 12 min -
    Director: Jonathan Caouette
    Cast: Chloe Sevigny, Chandler Frantz, Eva Dorrepaal

    An evil sign appears in the form of a Dutch TV show to bewitch and possess young girls and boys to think they can shape-shift into other people and monsters.

    May 2010

    YOU & ME directed by Eddie Shieh, screened at the Asian Short Films on May 26 and at the 2010 Red Rope Screening.
    Tu & Eu (You & Me)
    Foreign Drama; 15 mins, Color, Subtitled
    "A phone conversation pushes the limit between lovers."

    December 2009
    On December 2nd, Jonathan Caouette's film Rotoaurorae screened at a lovely event at Joe's Pub at The Public Theater that included live performances by John Cameron Mitchell, a wonderful pianist, and even vodka!
    http://Happy Ending Music and Reading Series


    Eva recently appeared in The Red Eye Camera Game, a 42-second film directed by Jonathan Caouette. The film, which features Chloe Sevigny,  was part of  OneDreamRush, a collection of 42 films by directors such as David Lynch, Abel Ferrara and Kenneth Anger. OneDreamRush was most recently screened at the Cannes Film Festival.


    June 2009

    STAY TRUE DARLING – Short Film - Directed by James Morrison

    It has been screened at the Little Rock and Delray Beach film festivals and the Hoboken International Film Festival. A screening is coming up in Manhattan for the PictureStart Film Festival.
    Monday, June 15th at 7:30pm at Slainte Pub - 304 Bowery (at 1st Street).  

    http://www.staytruedarling.com - for more details and a trailer.

    April 2009

    A new 42 second film with Chloë Sevigny by Jonathan Caouette. Premiered in Beijing in April at the OneDreamRush film festival.


     November 2008

    Two feature films in production: Phantom Party and Exploitation. More news will follow.


    Order films now with Eva Dorrepaal

    You can order Terrorama!, Lebenspornografie, Both Ends Burning, Hysteria and Last Performance from Edwin Brienen at http://www.filmfreaks.nl/brienen/brienen_top.htm


    Thanks to Filmfreak Distribution five films with Eva Dorrepaal in leading roles will be released in The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium and Germany, with future release dates in Sweden and France in the works.
    Terrorama!, Lebenspornografie, Both Ends Burning, Hysteria and Last Performance will become available for purchase in a Brienen DVD box or seperately. Five diverse feature films, ranging from cult underground to arthouse independent.
    The official release party will take place May 3rd 2008 at studio K in Amsterdam. Terrorama!, Hysteria and Last Performance will be shown.

    The official DVD release party is at Studio K:
    When: Saturday May 3rd 2008. from 15:00 to 4:00!
    Where: Studio-K, Timorplein 62, Amsterdam

    15.00 - Hysteria (2006)
    17.00 - Last performance (2006)
    19.00 - L'Amours Toujours (2007) (This is the only film Eva is not in, but it's also a beautiful film)
    Q&A With Edwin Brienen
    21.00 - Terrorama (2001)
    23.00 - 04.00 Afterparty


    SEPTEMBER 2007

    Revision, filmed in August 2007, is the second part of Brienen's Apocalypse Trilogy and is set for release in spring of 2008.
    Brienen's 9th feature film is set in a futuristic world, where terrorist attacks rule daily life, forced chip implantation is commonplace and government control is routinely exerted through manipulation of the media.
    Traci (Eva Dorrepaal), an ex-model, feels lost and confused. Whereas once she believed in God and looked to Him as a source of inner calm and peace, she simply believes no longer and tries desperately to fill the void caused by her lack of faith.
    Meanwhile, her husband, Charlie (Clayton Nemrow), persuades her to transgress the 6th Commendment (5th among Roman Catholics) and commit murder. She picks up a random guy in a bar and brings him home. Soon, however, reality ad fantasy become intertwined in an indecipherable web of hallucinations and mental chaos. Haunted by her inner demon, Vince Destructo (played by Jacob Dove Basker), Traci spirals headlong toward madness.

    APRIL 26th 2007

    Official premiere I'D LIKE TO DIE A THOUSAND TIMES

    In Berlin in the BROTFABRIK cinema, APRIL 26TH 07 till May 9th 07, 10PM/22.00Uhr.
    Germany 2007 – 90 Minutes, English spoken.

    The seventh feature film of Brienen in five years is a wild roadtrip through Berlin nights, where two couples explore the mechanics of 'killing'. Leading roles are for Clayton Nemrow, Esther Verkaaik, Eva Dorrepaal and Sebastian Suba. We're proud to announce Shaun Lawton, who played next to Isabelle Adjani in Zulawski's masterpiece Possession, co-stars in this controversial film. Bärbel Schleker and René Ifrah make the cast complete.
    The extreme weather conditions (40 Degrees Celsius during daytime) added an extra touch to the already apocalyptic story. Sweat and blood as crème-de-menthe of a deadly cocktail that includes champagne, sex and cocaine. Comedy turns into horror. Another masterpiece of Herr Brienen, recently quoted in TIP magazine as one of Berlin's most influential filmmakers.

    UK DVD release of TERRORAMA!

    June 11th 07 Redemption will release Terrorama! Three months later followed by Lebenspornografie. You can pre-order through http://www.amazon.co.uk

    Fashion Fever

    Coming up on MNN TV: Fashion Fever. It will be aired in May '07. Exact dates will be posted here. Eva plays a drunk model, interviewing the VIPS Backstage in the midst of a serious fashion show. Boiling interview with Vinny Vella from the Soprano's. Look for her in the brown wig.

    Y Not?

    Theatre project on location 12 short scenes by different writers. Eva plays Susan Stich in one of the 12 short plays, doing research on anonymous sexual encounters in elevators. New York, 5 West 63rd Street May 1st 07 @ 7PM and 8PM, limited admittance. Reservations: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




    You can order exclusive Eva Dorrepaal wallpaper. Dutch artist Rachel de Joode featured me as her model in custom-designed wallpaper. It’s actually kind of cool. You can visit this exposition in Berlin:

    It’s called "LOVE and HATE"

    AB-project , April 19th - May 25th
    Torstrasse 96, 10119 Berlin
    Tuesday - Saturday 14 - 20

    February 2007

    "Last Tango in New York" will be aired again. Eva stars as the woman. It will be aired Saturday February 17th at 7 PM, EDT, on the Dave Gold Show. You can see it on Channel 57 or 110 in Manhattan, New York.

    September 2006

    Last Performance is chosen for the official selection (specials) of the 26th
    edition of the Dutch Film Festival. A feature film with Eva Dorrepaal, Tomas
    Spencer, Vincent Bagnall, Esther Verkaaik, Rene Ifrah, Volker Behrens and many
    others, will have its world premiere in The Netherlands, who would have thought!
    The festival, that will be opened by Queen Beatrix, takes place from September
    27th til October 6th 2006 in Utrecht.

    A sensational fact. We are the first, truly independent production that is
    accepted by the festival since six years. It's also a sign of recognition for
    Edwins work, that because of the non-comercial value- always was seen as
    somewhat difficult.

    The first screening date for Last Performance (which will be our official
    premiere) will be Thursday, September 28th at 22.15hrs., at Studio in Utrecht.

    For screening dates and reservations, you can visit the Festival at:

    August 2006


    Guerrilla filmmaking... I just recovered from another Edwin Brienen film shot during the heat in July. Hardly any sleep nor food in July and August. But so much fun... The summer film is called "I'd like to die a thousand times". A cruel fairy tale with new age influences. I play a very interesting role, Lisa. Lisa repressed her sexually abusive childhood and that catches up with her. Then she turns in a confused Ophelia-like killing monster/ machine. Only humans, because she is vegetarian. Just like Leatherface, her idol. Now, this is only a side line. The film is about two couples. It's basically a road movie, although we won't see very much of the road. Comedy turns into horror.


     July 22, 2006

    "Return From The Past" is a relationship comedy about two women and a man, viciously well written by Dave Gold. All characters are outrageous, full of bullshit, escapism and denial. The first cut will be aired Saturday July 22nd at 7 PM, EDT, on the Dave Gold Show. You can see it on Channel 57 or 110 in Manhattan, New York. If you live in Europe, you can see it at 01.00 hrs in the morning July 23rd on your computer. Go to www.mnn.org and click on Channel 57.

    July 2006



    I´D LIKE TO DIE A THOUSAND TIMES" is in production in Berlin. A road movie. I play Lisa, and have to look like an eccentric model on drugs with a wig. More news will follow.


    John Waters meets Fritz Lang! The most bizarre cinema experience of the year.


    A film by Edwin Brienen Hysteria tells the story of a woman, Lara (Eva Dorrepaal), trapped in her own nightmare. After being raped by a masked man, Lara ends up in the castle of a degenerated family and soon becomes the object of torture and humiliation. Desperately she tries to find a way to escape her own dreams...

    The film Hysteria is a political horror that deals with topics sucs as mind manipulation and false reality. For sure, Hysteria is the most bizarre cinema experience of the year. A dark black and white world that looks as if Richard Kern remakes Addams Family. Or John Waters collaborates with Fritz Lang. And with a haunting electro/industrial/classical soundtrack by Hanno Hinkelbein (Null Records/Aeox), IO and Johann Sebastian Bach.

    Brotfabrik Kino, Berlin

    15-21 June, daily 22 hrs/ 10 PM
    22-28 June, daily 23 hrs/ 11 PM

    Brotfabrik, Caligariplatz, Berlin


     May 10th 2006

     Dave Gold Show "The Return of Eva"
    Tonight: Wednesday May 10th @ 8.30 PM, EDT,
    You can see it on Channel 67 or 110 in Manhattan.
    If you live in Europe, you can set your alarm clock and see it at 2:30 in the morning on your computer. Go to www.mnn.org
    and click on Channel 67.

    April 27th 2006:

    I would like to invite you to the screening of "Stars and Bars", a short film produced for the 48 Hour Film project. The competition took place during the weekend of April 21-23rd. The objective of the competition was to make a 7 minute film in the time frame of 48 hours. This required writing, shooting, and editing in 48 hours. Because they didn't know what they were going to write, the actors had to be on standby, ready to race to the location, just like in the Army. They called me in at 8 am on a Saturday morning for a small part and it was fun, although it wasn't as chaotic as I had hoped for!

    The screening will take place:

    Thursday April 27th at 9:15pm
    Landmark's Sunshine Cinema
    143 E. Houston St. New York
    Tickets: $10

    Our team's name is New Liberty Entertainment and the movie is called "Stars and Bars".

    Expected release Last Performance, Brienen’s American production: October 2006.

    Last Performance, the fourth and latest film from award-winning European director Edwin Brienen, is set in the tumultuous New York theatre world.

    Julia (Eva Dorrepaal), a European actress who relocated to New York to try and make the big time, stars in an avant-garde theatre play, directed by the eccentric Magda (Esther Eva Verkaaik). Inspired by obsessive philosophers such as Nietzsche, Schopenhauer and LaVey - "Forget the weak, the virtuous ones and the compassionate ones" – Magda explores the dark side of life.
    Julia's co-star, herein, is Cooper (Tomas Sinclair Spencer) who has an abusive relationship with the sexually frustrated Tom (Vincent Bagnall). Tom, unable to accept his homosexuality, in turn exploits Julia for his own sexual adventures.

    Cooper, enraged by jealousy, sets out for revenge and his actions, herein, trigger an inexorable wave of disintegration and misery. Soon, fact and fiction become indistinguishable as Julia too becomes the author of her own demise.
    Last Performance is inspired by New York avant-garde and underground scene of the early, early eighties and is suffused with the spirit of the icons of that period such as Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono, Laurie Anderson, Klaus Nomi, Lydia Lunch and Diamanda Galas.
    This film is projected for European release in December of 2005.

    December 15th 2005

    The film "Warum Ulli sich am Weihnachtsabend umbringen wollte“ ('Why Ulli wanted to kill himself on Christmas Eve') will have its premiere in Berlin in the Brotfabrik cinema.
    I'm in it as the ex-girlfriend of Ulli. The Premiere date: Thursday, December 15th at 10 PM in the Brotfabrik Kino (Prenzlauer Promenade 3 13086 Berlin).
    Brotfabrik Kino, Berlin

    16 till 28 December, daily 22 hrs/ 10 PM
    Brotfabrik, Caligariplatz, Berlin


    Werkstattkino, Muenchen
    17 December 2005, 17.30 hrs/ 5.30 PM
    Fraunhoferstr. 9, 80469 München, tel. 089/260 72 50

    EISZEIT KINO, Berlin
    16 December 2005, 20.30 hrs/ 10.30 PM
    Fraunhoferstr. 9, 80469 München, tel. 089/260 72 50

    Other cities:Leipzig, Düsseldorf. November 18th 2005 

    Eva will be a special guest in "All About Eva" on The Dave Gold Show. She will talk about life, art and her latest film, "Last Performance." You can see it at 10 PM EDT at www.mnn.org or on Channel 67 in Manhattan..

    January 14th 2005

    Sunday, January 16th 2005 is the long awaited double premiere of "Lebenspornography" (Pornography of Life) and "Both Ends Burning". These new, independent films feature Eva Dorrepaal, Esther Verkaaik and Bart Klever in the lead roles. The films will be screened in 13 cities, including, for the first time, New York City. The double Premiere starts at 6 PM in the cinema "Kriterion" at Roetersstraat 170 in Amsterdam.


    16:45 Introduction by director Edwin Brienen with actresses Esther Eva Verkaaik and Eva Dorrepaal.

    17:00 Lebenspornografie (Big Screening Room) More info: www.both-ends-burning.com 

    18:30 Pause

    19:45 Introduction Edwin Brienen

    20:00 Both Ends Burning (Big Screening Room) More info: www.both-ends-burning.com 

    21:30-24:00 The reception/ after-party.

    Feel free to dress up. Reservations are recommended, since already more than 150 seats are reserved so far. There are other screenings throughout the Netherlands and in New York City. The festival starts January 13 at the "Melkweg" in Amsterdam.

    January 2005



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